fire trucks

The Marseilles Fire Protection District and Marseilles Area Ambulance Service is a group of well-trained caring individuals who provide firefighting, emergency medical, rescue and public education to the residents and visitors of Marseilles. The service area cover is 110 square miles and serves a population of 6500. The department has 1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 4 Captains, 2 Chief Engineers, 20 Firefighters, 14 EMT’s and paramedics, and 1 Trauma Nurse.

The Marseilles Area Ambulance Service (MAAS)  has two departments, one located in Marseilles and another in the neighboring community Seneca.  MAAS is a private nonprofit 501 C3 organization that is funded mostly through billing at 911 calls and non-emergency transfers.  MAAS is staffed by ten paramedics and 15 emergency medical technicians (EMTs).


  • 3 “Class A” Engines
  • 1 100′ Tower Truck
  • 2 Water Tenders
  • 1 Rescue Truck

  • 2 Brush Trucks
  • 2 Boats
  • 1 4000 G.P.M. Trailer pump
  • 1 6-Wheel Rescue ATV
  • 3 Support Vehicles

Marseilles Fire Protection District

Address: 205 Lincoln Street
Phone: 815.795.5535
Fax: 815.795.6688

Marseilles Area Ambulance Service

Address: 207 Lincoln Street
Phone: 815.795.4902