The Marseilles Police Department is a great asset to the City of Marseilles.

The department provides law enforcement services 24/7/366 that helps keep residents and businesses safe. The City is approximately 8.88 square miles with a population of 5070 (2012 year Census). The Marseilles Police Department is a respected law enforcement agency in LaSalle County and enjoys positive relations with the County Sheriff, the Illinois State Police and other law enforcement agencies.

The Marseilles Police Department continues to strive to provide quality citizen safety tips as part of our efforts to reduce the risk of citizens in this community “falling victims” to personal injury attacks. As part of this continuing effort, we would like to share below some personal safety tips that can easily be taught to help reduce the risk of our young children becoming victims of personal attacks, such as abduction and exploitation. Although we continue to provide information we still believe the best people to teach young children about proper safety skills and personal safety are you, their parents. Parents know their children and their habits better than anyone, therefore, parent are in the best position to provide and emphasize the following safety tips.

  • Teach your children the importance of safety
  • Always know where your children are
  • Children should be familiar with their play areas and knowledge of danger indicators such as water, electricity, heights, etc.
  • Teach your children never touch a firearm and tell an adult if one is found
  • Teach children the Buddy System and the concept of safety in numbers
  • Teach children at the earliest possible age their full name, address, telephone number, and when and how to dial 911
  • Teach your children Stranger Danger and what to do if approached by a stranger
  • Teach your children never to approach a strange car

Crime Tip

There is no limits to what we can accomplish if we work together, stay alert and stay connected!
To send an anonymous tip; call our toll free number 877.891.6141
Or, send an email to this email account that will allow you to provide information about criminal behavior anonymously.

Marseilles Police Department is made up of the following officers:

Chief of Police: James Hovious
Captain: Kenneth Sangston, Jr.
Lieutenant Brian Faber
Lieutenant Todd Gordon
Juvenile Officer Tom Rogel
Patrol Officer Jacob Callahan
Patrol Officer Dan Ellis
Patrol Officer Joel Smith
Patrol Officer James Buckingam

Dispatch/Administrative Assistant Laurie Trager

Address: 142 Lincoln Street
Phone: 815.795.2131
Fax: 815.795.4029
General Email:

Emergency Only: 911